Dear Parent,

Kindly read the following guidelines specially chalked out for you to be followed for maintaining discipline of the school.

1.Learners should wear I-Cards daily.

2.Nails should be trimmed and cleaned regularly.

3.Learners should apply hair oil daily.

4.Send labelled mat and napkin regularly.

5.Send labelled pencil, eraser, sharpner, scale, black sketch pen, pencil colours and oil pastel colours regularly.

6.Girls should not apply mehndi on their hands.

7.It has been observed that learners are bringing bread and dry snacks in tiffin box. So, do not send junk food or dry snacks. Send healthy homemade food.

8.Please inform the class teacher in case your child has any health problem or is on medication.

9.Kindly keep the school authorities informed in case of long leave. In case of illness a written application along with medical certificate should be submitted when the child joins the school.

10.During Monsoon kindly send labelled raincoat every day.


With Regards,

Class Teacher


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