Knowledge series on Animation

Dear parents,

Divya Bhaskar is organising a knowledge series on Animation.

As this industry is growing by the day and has alot of potential in the future, it is much necessary for the students and parents of today to know about it.

We have invited the best speakers from the industry to speak on the subject –

1) Mr Suhas Kadav – Chief Creative Officer from India’s leafing animation production house Cosmos-Maya and also the the director of currently India’s no 1 toon series “Motu-Patlu”

2) Mr Shrirang Sathaye – An animation consultant and animation director, he is in the industry since last 25 years. He is the animation director of the famous bollywood animation film “Roadside Romeo” produced by Yashraj Productions.

Registrations are absolutely free.

So,it is a request to all the students and parents to participate in this seminar.

To register please SMS or Whatsapp your Name, Age & No. to 8320268232.


Class Teacher


Activity Kit

Dear Learner,
There will be no activities till annual function. Do not bring your activity kit.

Class Teacher

Guidelines for M-R Vaccination

Dear Parent,
Kindly note the following points for M-R- Vaccination

1. Students should come in School Uniform for Vaccination on 17 July (Tuesday) along with the ID Card.

2. Students should not be empty stomach.

3. Students should bring Art and Craft material(oil pastel or pencil colors and a pencil pouch) for M-R Poster Making Activity.

4. Parent should carry their RF-ID Parent Card.

5. Sibling should come together in the Junior Sibling Vaccination Timings.

Class Teacher

Fun and Learn

Dear Learner,
Let us learn how to speak with confidence.
Prepare 3 to 4 sentences on topic: ‘My School’ and present it in the class on Monday(16-07-18).
It will be a fun activity along with learning.

Class Teacher

Let’s help the Environment

Dear Learner,
Let’s enjoy this week with plants and animals around us. Here is an interesting activity for you.
1. Plant a sapling at your home and watch it grow day by day. Water it daily and keep it in open space. You can grow the following seedlings: fenugreek, mustard seeds, green gram.

2. Animal’s nutrition is equally important for a healthy and happy life. So, lets feed them and make them happy. You can feed any animal or bird which you can find around you. For e.g. dog, cat, cow, goat, rabbit, sparrow, pigeon, parrot etc.

NOTE : Do this activity within this coming week and kindly take a snap shot of the activity which you are doing (both the activities). Mail it till 13-07-18 (Friday).

Do this activity and make your parents and teachers proud.

Thank you,

Class Teacher



Dear Parent,

Kindly read the following guidelines specially chalked out for you to be followed for maintaining discipline of the school.

1.Learners should wear I-Cards daily.

2.Nails should be trimmed and cleaned regularly.

3.Learners should apply hair oil daily.

4.Send labelled mat and napkin regularly.

5.Send labelled pencil, eraser, sharpner, scale, black sketch pen, pencil colours and oil pastel colours regularly.

6.Girls should not apply mehndi on their hands.

7.It has been observed that learners are bringing bread and dry snacks in tiffin box. So, do not send junk food or dry snacks. Send healthy homemade food.

8.Please inform the class teacher in case your child has any health problem or is on medication.

9.Kindly keep the school authorities informed in case of long leave. In case of illness a written application along with medical certificate should be submitted when the child joins the school.

10.During Monsoon kindly send labelled raincoat every day.


With Regards,

Class Teacher