Book Submission

Dear Parents,
Kindly send the following books with your ward on Wednesday (28/11/12)
1) Hindi notebook 1 & 2.
2) General Knowledge green notebook 1 & 2.
3) My Diary and Cursive book.
4) English, Maths & Hindi Textbook.

With Regards,
Class Teacher


100% Attendance for the month of August

Dear Learners,

Here are the names of students who achieved 100% attendance in the month of August.

Aaditya, Aaliya, Aarav O., Alakh, Aryan, Dorika, Hayagriv, Kartik, Kunj, Pankti, Shlok, Tanush, Tweesha, Vansh V., Velina, Yug T., Neev and Hely.

Congratulations and keep it up!


Class Teacher