Welcome to Class I A at Delhi Public School Tapi, Surat. We hope you will enjoy the new Academic Session.

This Class blog gives you a glimpse of daily life at DPS TAPI. Please ‘Follow’ this blog to get email updates of new posts.

Class Blog posts will intimate you about Contact Details, Timetable, Class Work and Homework.

To the Right, please access the DPS Tapi Website, Principal’s Blog, DPS Tapi Twitter and Facebook for all other school information.

Our dedicated DPST Team is committed to providing your child with a balanced, safe and nurturing academic and co-curricular learning environment with the most challenging learning opportunities to help your child develop the fullest potential.

Welcome to the DPS Tapi Learning Partnership!


With best wishes

Class Teacher


278 thoughts on “About

  1. Mam,
    plz remind aarna to take all her things before leaving the class as she forgets one or the other thing daily.yesterday she forgot her casual jacket in class.plz give her. sorry for the inconvenience.
    With Regards.

  2. mam
    I have a send cheque of rs.2000.plz collect it . Aarna has left her hindi book in class .plz give her today..

  3. Dear ma’am

    MAAN has stiches on forehead due to injury.
    Do he’ll not able to come tomorrow.
    He’ll be resume from Monday onwards.

  4. Ma’am,
    Maan forget his jacket in bus Bita 4 and the same day informed to Mr. Pandey to check. Please check the same.
    sorry for inconvenience.

  5. Mam,pls check aarav’s diary s I had wrote the note abt aarav’s leave for 3 days and mam I m not here vth aarav yet ..so pls help him for his revision.thank u mam.

  6. Mam
    On wednesday Aarna has left her skating bag in class. Today also she did n’t bring back .plz remind her tomorrow to take it when she leave the classroom.

  7. Mam
    Aarna has forgotten her water bottle in class .I will collect it from u when I will come for PTM. sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Dear mam,
    Rudra m dave is crying for last few days can’t able to adjust him in new timing as well as new class please if you support him he will adjust fast.
    Looking to the matter do the needful
    Hiral dave

  9. Mam kindly do something for weight of bags,kids complaing for the shouler pain .last year system of notebook 1 and 2 was good or keep textbooks over there and give us links to download textbooks if possible. thanks

  10. Dear Mam
    Samaira chopra did not bring any of EVS book yesterday to home, she left her books in school …..kindly send the books today with her.

  11. Madam navaj is having plaster on his left hand…which will be removed..today or tomorrow….so I have sent him to school today

  12. Dear mam,
    Please do something about weight of bag. Kids have to carry all the text book everyday, you all teachers can help us in this matter. Please solve this problem.
    Hope for positive reply..

  13. Dear mam
    Namste kindly do something for weight of bag, kids have to carry heavy textbook with so many other stuff. Please all the teachers can help us in this matter.
    Hope to have a positive reply.
    Hiral dave

  14. Dear madam,
    Soham forgot his skating bag last Friday in school, please help him in finding it.bG is brown color and having inline skates

  15. Mam…Navaj can now start all spots activities…like karate… gymnastics… skating…so please allow him to do…

  16. Dear mam,
    Sending boon no 2 with rudra dave, kindly collect and also want to know wether the text book has been kept at home as rudra is saying so!!!
    Kindly reply

  17. Hello mam , Neev is not able to attend school today, because he is suffering from fever & vomitting….. He will continue from tomorrow….

  18. Dear mam,
    Rudra was so happy by the role play of lesson lalu and peelu. Even he has great smile on his face b coz of kho kho game and garden week.
    Thank you so much for making kids happy with learning.
    Hiral dave

  19. Mam…navaj is not ready to take his swimming bag….is he scared of swimming….he vomits on Mondays at school…pl look into the matter..

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